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History of the University of Alaska Anchorage School of Nursing Theta Omicron Chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society

  • Established September 17, 1983. Tina Delapp from the UAA School of Nursing was a driving force, forming the Steering Committee and persevering to establish the School of Nursing Honor Society.
  • Members of the Steering Committee
    • Tina DeLapp (Chair)
    • Patricia Brown
    • Bernice Carmon
    • GeorgAnn Beckwitt
    • Carol Craig
    • Barbara (Loveys) Cochrane
    • Jan Adasiak
    • Almeda Amoureaux
    • Gail McGuill
    • Elizabeth Eggert
    • Kat Sarasin
    • Molly Owen-Palmer
  • 91 inductees from throughout the state

School of Nursing Honor Society

  • Diane Toebe elected President & led Chapter Thru Chartering process
  • Visit from Sigma Theta Tau International in March 1985
  • Dr. Lucie Kelly recommended chartering a Sigma Theta Tau Chapter
  • November 1985 - Notification of acceptance of petition charter

    Theta Omicron Chapter
  • Chartered on April 12, 1986 Tina DeLapp elected President
  • 1995 - Establishment of the Tina DeLapp Excellence Award
  • 1999 - Establishment of Theta Omicron Research Award Committee

    Research Support
  • Historical research on Nurse Pioneers in Alaska - Effie Graham, author, 1999
  • Production of film by the Alaska Student Nurses Association on Native Recruitment into nursing
  • "Decision to Strike" - Bernice Carmon, Dianne Toebe & Jackie Pflaum, 1999
  • "An exploration of the use of social support by people who are grieving the death of a pet" -- Holly Dimeglio, 2005
  • "Understandiing heart disease in women: A focused ethnographic approach" - Jill Rife 2006
  • "Alaskan Village Adults Understanding of Thiamine Responsive Megaloblastic anemia" - Donna Fenske 2006
  • Theresa Philbrick
  • A YOGAFIT Vinyasa yoga pilot program for managing chronic low back pain,” Carolyn Wohlers, 2007
  • Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A survey of diagnosis and treatment practices, Kathleen Knutson, 2008


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