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Tina DeLapp Excellence Award

2014 Recipient – Sandra Haldane

Established in 1995, the Tina DeLapp Theta Omicron Nursing Excellence Award was created to recognize professional excellences over the course of a nursing career. Recipients have included the following individuals:

1995    Patricia Hong
1996    Janet Buness
1997    Effie Graham
1998    Jacqueline S. Pflaum
1999    Gail McGuill
2002    Donna Fenske
2003    Judith Petersen
2005    Casie Williams
2006    Julie McNulty
2007    Christina Mumma
2008    Teri Lynn Kiss
2009    Lynn E. Hartz
2010    Anne E. Thrall
2012    Gail M. Holtzman
2014    Sandra Haldane

Contact Dr Tina DeLapp or any of the past recipients for more information on nominating a nurse leader for this award.

Research Poster Award

Theta Omicron recognizes an outstanding poster that is presented at the annual research conference. The poster awards are based on clarity and creativity in presenting the nature of the problem, the project method, the application of a conceptual framework, as well as evidence of measurable results.

Contact the Chair of the Research Committee for more information on applying for this award.

Past Recipients:

Spring 2005 – "Trail to Health" - Alyse Mortenson, Sara Chism, Christy McPheeters, Kristi Crandall, Ashley Kutchins, Levi Washington, Tessa Salazar, Irina Cline. Instructor Millie Sugita

Spring 2006 – "Passport to Safety" - Jennifer DeMarco, Stefanie Hansen, Tara Kuzina, Jodi Light, Mamie McMahon, Jenny Owens, Tasha Rine. Instructor Catherine Sullivan

Spring 2007 – "Health Preparedness: Catholic Social Services Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services Program" Student participants: Matt Byrd, Carol Greenway, Emilie Masalta, Sara Muir, Jeremy Nelson, Kristy Rodriguez, and Colin Sullivan. Instructor:  Catherine Sullivan.

Spring 2007 – "Doorway to Opportunity. Working in collaboration with Catholic Social Services in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley" this project focused on Russian refugees. Student participants: Naomi Ingram, Aimee Larimer, Laura Szmyd, DeAnn Wittrock, Sara Krokos, Brooke Maruskie, Vickie Kindseth, and Dawn Brickle. Instructor:  Catherine Sullivan.

Fall 2007 – “Health Access:  Above and Beyond”.  Working in collaboration with Catholic Social Services in the Matanuska Valley with a focus on Russian refugees.  Students participants:  Romy Byrd, Cassandra Gourley, Jackie Heller, Amanda Kolosovsky, Ivy Lauren San Miguel, Nara Luvsandagva, Jessica Powell, Melissa Teninty.  Instructor:  Catherine Sullivan 

Spring 2008 – College Men’s Health.  Working in collaboration with UAA this project focused on disparity in men’s health management.  Team members:  Nicki Benedict, Beatriz Muse, Sarah Taylor, Virginia Parker, Dara Scott, Colleen Clarke, Jennie Shinsato, and Eric Moulton.  Faculty Advisor:  Angelia Morris

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